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Human.e solutions

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Our Mission

Technology has given us a lot of amazing innovations from free phone calls to instant flight and hotel bookings.From on demand delivery to artificial intelligence. Not only are these applications convenient but they are on line all the time.  The problem is these innovative companies compete to extract human attention to monetise and manipulate in the new "attention economy". To steal your attention, these apps play on behavioural biases and weaknesses from click bait to fake news to slot machine psychology. Why? Because the fundamental currency of tech in an ad-supported ecosystem is your attention. The result humans are stripped of agency, autonomy, and attention.

At Human.e we want to put the human before the E (electronic), we want to use technology to solve for the problem technology has created in the first place - cognitive overload. Our mission is to deliver technology that saves human attention rather than steals it. To provide humane AI that assists and augments human intelligence rather than preying on its weaknesses. To progress from simply automating "Jobs to be done" to helping people by providing insights and assisting with "Decisions to be made"

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Our Innovative Technology

At Human.e, we believe our solutions focus on human centred design.We use analytics , artificial intelligence , some maths and lots of code to help answer the Why and not simply automate the What.

We are bold enough to compete for client trust when other seek their attention and brave enough to help them focus on what matters most in the age of digital addiction. We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude.

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"We live in a world with more information than ever and yet we understand less."

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