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Come Fly with Human.e

If you’re an enthusiastic collaborator and passionate about creating technology that is a force for positive change then you’ll love being a part of our journey.

Develop quality code that is built for scale for millions of people looking to eliminate digital noise with our platform. At Human.e, you will be an integral part of the entire product development process, from design to code , from feature development to feature extraction , from data engineering to data analyst, from prototype to scale.

AI NLP Senior Data Scientist

  • Degree in Computer Science/Engineering with AI/ML as an area of discipline

  • Minimum 5 years of hardcore experience in AI/NLP domain

  • Familiarity with Python 2&3, specially the following libraries

    • Numpy

    • Pandas

    • Scikit Learn​

    • Keras

  • Must possess knowledge of Google Tensorflow API's

    • Experience in Convolution Neural Networks​ and image recognition

    • Experience in LSTM

    • Experience in Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  • Must be an expert in feature engineering, able to debug and enhance performance/efficiency of models

  • Must have experience in data cleansing, storage, retrieval and analytics

  • Must have experience with deploying models on the cloud (AWS/GCP)

  • Must have  experience running models on GPU for deep learning and compute intensive models

  • Must know about CI/CD and TDD/BDD

  • Must be a team player, initiative taker

  • Have an agile and startup mindset

Backend Developer

  • Degree in Computer Science/Engineering

  • Knowledge of the JVM, with working experience in Java, Python

  • Familiarity with Spring Boot Framework

  • Must have knowledge of databases, PostGres/MySQL as well as NoSql Databases such as Mongo and Cassandra

  • Knowledge of REST API Design

  • Software design principles

  • Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms

  • Must be well versed with garbage collection

  • Must know about the CI/CD and TDD/BDD

  • Knowledge of cloud platforms, AWS/GCP

  • Must be a team player, initiative taker

  • Have an agile and startup mindset

  • Prides in his work and eager to learn new technologies

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